Philips Healthcare – Meditronics

Meditronics was founded 20 years ago by experienced medical engineer for services in the field of medical imaging. Since its inception time to time meditronics have pioneered new development like ultra light weight Portable X-rays units, Full wave rectified X-rays units, Mobile Image Intensifier units, Mammography units having two state of art Production units. Its having largest installed volume amongst all india co’s with offices & resident engineers all over india. It offer state of art efficient & economic after sales services.

Philips is committed to making high quality healthcare available for everyone.

Pursuing this goal, we acquired Meditronics in March 2009, the Mumbai based manufacturer of diagnostic and interventional X-ray equipments having a home grown but contemporary technology.

The offerings from Meditronics have successfully met the stringent expectations of low cost of ownership, high uptime and excellent image quality of the radiology and surgery community in India.

Philips thereby now offers the Meditronics range of value diagnostic X-ray systems, high and line frequency mobile surgical C-arm IITV systems, and mobile and portable radiography units, that translate into an even better experience due to our synergy.

Over 8000 installations and 30 years of Meditronics experience and more than 110 years of Philips experience merge to form outstanding expertise in X-ray solutions.